Low cost Metal Detectors

Low Cost Metal Detectors

Buy low cost metal detectors at discount prices. Best quality top brands like Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Lone Star Fisher F2 F4 discount Garrett Ace 150 250 MineLab Teknetics Tesoro Silver uMax Compadre cheap metal detectors Titan Whites in time for Christmas.
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Bounty Hunter Tracker IV
Bounty Hunter Tracker IV
Bounty Hunter Lone Star
Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detectors
Garrett Ace 250
Garrett Ace 150

Fisher F2
Fisher F2 - Pro Quality!
Fisher F4 - Premium!
Tesoro Silver UMAX
Tesoro Silver UMAX
Tesoro Compadre

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Find $3,000 Per Month!
It is not only possible, but I have done it many times when between jobs. Find $3,000 with your affordable metal detector? It is not as difficult as it may sound. Jewelry brings in the most money. Selling your new found jewelry at wholesale to a jewelry store, brings you about 50% of retail prices. This is about $80 for a men's wedding band and $250 - $750 for a women's wedding ring with a diamond. Necklaces, chains, bracelets, pendants, and earrings made of gold bring good money too. Silver rings get about $4. A non-working Rolex watch will bring $600!
Your second priority is old vintage coins. May old silver coins can bring 100X the face value. Indian head pennies, plus rare dimes, nickles, and quarters can add up real fast. Finding a $5 gold piece is nice too.
Next are antique collectables such as silverware, kids toy guns, small jars, and civil war stuff.
Last are the modern coins.
Your month should look like this: jewelry=$2,000; old vintage coins=$600; antique collectables=$350; modern coins=$50.
Since jewelry is your top priority, you need to hunt where jewelry will most likely be found. The lovers lane, under bridges, the beach, curb gutters, and the edges of parking lots have been the hot spots for me. You know that strip of grass between the curb and the sidewalk? It is very productive!
Home business income with your metal detector is possible!
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Tesoro Fisher Garrett Metal Detector Bounty Hunter

1. Bounty Hunter: Junior VLF Gold Digger Fast Tracker Tracker II Quick Silver Tracker IV Lone Star Quick Draw II Land Star Sharp Shooter Pioneer 202 Pioneer 501 505 Land Ranger Time Ranger Discovery 1100 2200 and Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300.

2. Garrett metal detector: ACE 150 ACE 250 GTI 1500 GTI 2500 GTAx 550 Garrett GTP 1350 Sea Hunter Scorpion

3. Fisher: F2 F4 F5 F70 F75 CZ-21 1280x VLF 1270x CZ-3d and Fisher Gemini.

4. Minelab: E-Trac Explorer SE Pro Safari X-Terra 705 XTerra 505 305 Musketeer Advantage Pro Sovereign GT Excalibur Eureka Gold and Minelab GPX-4500.

5. Teknetics: T2 Special Edition Delta 4000 Gamma 6000 Omega 8000 and Teknetics Alpha 2000.

6. Tesoro metal detector: Compadre Gold Silver uMax Tejon Cibola Vaquero Lobo Super Trac Deleon Cortez Tiger Shark and Tesoro Sand Shark.

7. Titan: 2000 XD 1000 3000 XD

8. Whites: Prizm IV Classic 4 Pro XL 6000 Surfmaster PI Pro Beach Hunter ID Whites Coinmaster Pro.

9. Top Features: Pro Deluxe Headphones superior discrimination waterproof 8 inch search coil Composite Digger coins up to ten inches deep, larger object up to five feet deep three levels of iron discrimination, enabling the user to tune out small nails and other trash, while still detecting larger relics and collectibles Many can be found on craigslist.org at low prices. target ID and depth readout; sensitivity control; soil knife lesche hori horihori knives garden trawl. full discrimination; make money auto and variable notch, and a low battery indicator.

You don't need to spend big money to get top performance. Low cost metal detectors at discount prices. You can find the very best brands like Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II Fisher F4 Garrett Ace 250 MineLab X-Terra 705 Teknetics Delta 4000 Tesoro Cibola make good money finding treasure jewelry and coins. Titan Whites. We have treasure digging tools soil knife lesche hori horihori knives garden trawl and PinPointers too. If fact I really do enjoy a day at the beach scanning the sand. Not only do you find valuables, but you get to see pretty girs in their swimsuits too. We have treasure lesche digging tools and PinPointers too Best Cheap AR-15 M4 Carbines Good 9mm pistols 1974 Classic Ford Bronco Motorcycle Vintage Parts Gold jewelry handbags RCBS Reloading Equipment

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